About Us

The Body Mind Soul Hub was founded by Morna and is set up as a not for profit Social Organisation. Any profit generated solely by the Hub will be split between three charities – two home based in Scotland, CHAS and Maggies Dundee, and the other further afield in India, Women in Need.

The BMS Hub’s primary purpose is to promote awareness of holistic therapies and to inform and empower people to take charge of their health and encourage responsibility for their own wellbeing through cultivating interest in 100% natural options.   The Hub actively advocates trying out these alternative, complementary and mainstream therapies and we champion self care in order to restore and maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health & wellness.  

The objective is to help as many people live a life of health and vitality as possible.   The Hub is also a support umbrella for holistic practitioners to network under, to meet fellow therapists to find out about each other’s practice and to provide practitioners with opportunities to promote one another. The Practitioners, whilst working under this umbrella are autonomous,  are all self employed and run their own successful businesses.   The BMS Hub endeavours to raise money for charities. So by encouraging people to look after their physical, mental and spiritual health, they in turn, are also helping to look after others.  

So, here at The Body Mind Soul Hub, we have a number of practitioners offering a variety of wellness therapy options. As mentioned previously, all The BMS Hub practitioners run their own businesses but they also see the advantages of working together as a collective to promote a healthier, natural way of life. There are options open to everyone and each practitioner is here to share their knowledge about how these therapies can help you achieve a natural, healthy approach to life.  

Each Practitioner fully embraces the BMS Hub vision.


The Body Mind Soul Vision

To inform,  guide,  promote and develop a greater understanding towards a healthier lifestyle by providing the best in holistic wellness therapies.

To create a profound and positive life impacting experience by delivering therapies/ sessions in a holistic and spiritually nourishing ambient environment.

To provide an effective, efficient service with the highest level of skill and professionalism, offering at all times – respect, compassion and dignity.